2015 Scavenger Hunt

Washington ATV Association is hosting a “Photo Scavenger Hunt” for 2015. The event will start in January 2015, and last until two weeks before the WAATVA annual banquet. The event is free to enter. Anyone can play, but only WAATVA members can win prizes.

How to Play

To compete for the prizes, participants will collect points by finding various checkpoints. Each checkpoint is worth 10 points. Once a checkpoint is found, the player must take a photo of themselves at the location or work party.

In addition to the locations, participants will earn points for each WAATVA work party they attend, and submit a photo. Each work party is worth 5 points. Attend two work parties and you’ll earn a free WAATVA membership for the year.

To earn bonus points, for each photo submitted that includes the WAATVA name, logo, or apparel, the participant will receive 1 bonus point. For a printable WAATVA logo, CLICK HERE.

To submit your photos, email us at: info@waatva.org, Tweet us at: @WAATVA, or post via Facebook at: www.Facebook.com/waatva.


Prizes will be awarded at the 2015 WAATVA annual banquet. Score the most points and you can win from our collection of great prizes. Anyone can play, but only WAATVA members can win prizes. You could win:

  • Grand Prize: $200.00 Cabelas Gift Card and Wolfsnout Dust Mask
  • 2nd Place: Wolfsnout Goggles and Wolfsnout Dust Mask
  • 3rd Place: Powertye Fat Strap Soft-Tye Tie Down (2 pair)

Each participant who completes at least 4 checkpoints (or work parties) will receive a $10 Rocky Mountain ATV Gift Card. These will be mailed to each participant directly from Rocky Mountain ATV.

Example #1:

Matt completes all 10 checkpoints (10 x 10 = 100 points), attends 1 work party (1 X 5 = 5 points), and wears his WAATVA t-shirt in 3 photos (3 points). Matt’s total score is 108 points.

Example #2:

Nancy completes 8 checkpoints (8 x 10 = 80 points), attends 4 work parties (4 X 5 = 20 points), and includes the printable WAATVA logo in all photos (12 points). Nancy’s total score is 112 points.

2015 ATV Scavenger Hunt Locations

For a printable list (PDF) of the checkpoint locations, CLICK HERE

To download a printable WAATVA logo, CLICK HERE

To view a picture taken at each checkpoint, click the coordinates below.

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This event is made possible by…

Rocky Mountain ATV

Rocky Mountain ATV

We here at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC are passionate about what we do; we ride just like you do and live for the thrill and excitement it brings to the individual as well as the togetherness it can create for an entire family. It’s more than a hobby or sport…it’s a way of life.
Rocky Mountain ATV

I-90 Motorsports

I-90 Motorsports

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I-90 Motorsports

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Wolfsnout Dust Mask & Goggles

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T-N-T Exterminators

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