ATV Rentals in Washington State

***Please note that Washington ATV is not affiliated with any of these service providers. If you have experience with any of them, we would appreciate your feedback. We often receive inquiries about ATV rentals. Also, if you know of another ATV rental service provider, please let us know.

Western Washington ATV Rentals

Action Rentals | Lakewood;

Central Washington ATV Rentals

ATV Action Tours | Cle Elum;
MotorToys | Cle Elum;
Full Throttle Recreation Club | Wenatchee;

Eastern Washington ATV Rentals

Adventure Sport Rentals | Coeur d’Alene;
Adventure Outdoors | Coeur d’Alene;

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11/08/2016 Sadie Creek Trails Review

A big thank you to Jane and Christopher, who are members of the Kamloops ATV Association from Kamloops BC, for their communication and trail reports from a recent trip to Washington State. We look forward to visiting BC soon and riding with the Kamloops ATV group.

While checking our camp ground list we discovered that we had a campground at Diamond Point just east of Sequim, so we made a reservation.
We realized it was over an hour drive to the Sadie Creek trails, however with the weather situation we opted to go for full hook up rather than the Lyre Creek campsite with no services. We did stop at the Tourist Information where some old dear informed us, in no uncertain terms, that our kind of machines were prohibited on ALL of the trails around there. :0) another. younger lady assured us we would be OK and gave us a map.

First review: Lyre Creek campsite.
It was a good thing we had not hauled our RV over there with the plan to camp as they have a maximum 20 foot RV length and I can tell you – you’d be hard pressed to get a 20 foot RV in and out of that camp site. So, I would not recommend it for RVs. Tenting would be OK and it really is a lovely spot.

Second Review: Sadie Creek Trails
There are two trails to choose from here, the ridge and the river. We took the Ridge.
The staging area is very spacious, lots of room for any size rig including toy haulers, to unload.
VERY important to note though, that there is a maximum width allowance on the trail of 50 inches !!!! They mean it !!!!
Very good idea […]

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Washington ATV Association RSS Feed

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Looking for an RSS Reader?
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Wenas Wildlife Area Target Shooting

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has engaged in a process to address concerns associated with unregulated target shooting at the Wenas Wildlife Area (WLA), including public safety and user conflicts, habitat degradation, wildfires, infrastructure damage, and litter/target debris. To read more about what’s being done and how this could impact green dot road access, please review the following docuements provided by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW).

Wenas Fact Sheet; CLICK HERE
Wenas Target Shooting Summary; CLICK HERE
Wenas Target Shooting History; CLICK HERE
Wenas Target Shooting Public Meeting Summary; CLICK HERE

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Grays Harbor ATVers: Growing and Going in the Great Outdoors

Great article on Grays Harbor Talk about ATVers in Grays Harbor. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the article by CLICKING HERE.

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Do WATV-licensed ATVs and UTVs need a discover pass?

One of the questions we often get asked is, does a WATV that is modified for on-road use need it’s own discover pass. The answer is no. WATV’s modified for on-road use are not required to have it’s own discover pass. Below are the links to reference;

Discover Passes are required with Motor Vehicles
According to RCW 79A.80.080, a discover pass, vehicle access pass, or day-use permit must be visibly displayed in the front windshield, or otherwise in a prominent location for motor vehicles without a windshield, of any motor vehicle.

“Motor vehicle” does not include WATV’s
However, a WATV is exempt in the 79A.80.010 Definitions where is states, “Motor vehicle” does not include those motor vehicles exempt from registration under RCW 46.16A.080, wheeled all-terrain vehicles registered for use under RCW 46.09.442, and…

A big thank you to Ken D. from the Cascade Quad Squad for the information, links, and clarification

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Reiter ORV Park Review

Well after hearing about Reiter, and all of the negative comments, I decided to give it a try.

I went there with my family on a beautiful Sunday morning. We arrived and parked at the first parking area we found. Which I found after was for the rock crawler area of the park. There was a parking area just up the hill for ATV’s and Motorcycles. The layout for the second area is better, a small loop that also has a portable restroom kept in decent shape even to the lady’s standards. From the parking area it is about a three and a half to four mile ride up, a nice large scenic gravel road to the actual riding area. There is a gate about a quarter of a mile from the parking area with access for motorcycles and fifty inch wide ATV’s.
Reiter ORV Park is a great place to learn how to ride your ATV or Dirt Bike.
On to the riding area! I have only ridden the ATV trails and it is about two miles long. Yes two miles! However if this is the first experience on an ATV or a dirt bike, it is a good little course. You can ride the whole trail loop in about thirty minutes. If you ride all the marked trails that connect to the main loop backwards and forwards it will take you about an hour and a half to two hours. With a lot of stumps and rocks, you should take it slow and easy. The gravel that has been put on the trail can pull you off the main path causing a few close calls with the trees along the sides of the trail.

[dropcap color=”” boxed=”no” […]

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