Video; Gemini Bridges Moab Utah ATV Trails Adventure

The trail to Gemini Bridges is a very easy ride and appropriate for riders of all skill levels. If you’re looking for a family friendly, easy ride, then be sure Gemini Bridges is on your list. The trail is actually a road, Gemini Bridges Road, and could probably be driven by most passenger cars.

While the guide books point you to a paid parking area, just around the corner there is free parking. The free parking is located at these coordinates; 38.653722,-109.677894. Or, you can view it on Google Maps by CLICKING HERE.

Be sure to check out our other Moab trail videos on our youtube channel,

The ride out to the bridges is just under 8 miles, and very scenic. There are several points of interest including the famous Gooney Bird Rock. The bridges themselves are 89 and 70 feet long, and both have a width of 26 feet. Since they are only 10 feet apart, they were close enough in proximity to be named after the famous Roman twins, Castor and Pollux.

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2016 Spring Fling

A big thank you for all of our sponsors, participants, and volunteers for 25 years of support!!!

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Hawkins Mountain | Washington ATV Trails Adventure

Although only just over 15 miles one way, the trip up Hawkins Mountain offers some great 4X4 trails, scenery, and a glimpse into history. This area is riddles with old mine entrances and rusted mining machinery from a by-gone era.

For links to maps, directions, and other useful information about the area, be sure to check out our page covering Hawkins Mountain by CLICKING HERE.

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Trail 4W301, also known as the Fortune Creek Jeep Trail, starts about 23 miles north of Roslyn in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. It parallels National Forest road 160, but the road eventually splits from the trail and dead ends on the north face of Hawkins Mountain. You’re likely to see remnants from a rich mining history as you explore the trails in this area. On the southwest corner of Hawkins Mountain is the Cle Elum Mine and nearby is the Cascade Mine which produced gold, silver, and lead.

Just under 3 miles into the trail you’ll reach National Forest Road 160 and the trail head for 4W302, which we took to reach Van Epps Pass. It’s about 3.5 miles one way, has some rocky spots, and one rock climb that will prove challenging to beginners. This is also where 4W303 splits from 4W302. Regardless of which trail you take, you’re forced to navigate the obstacle to reach the summit which is well worth the ride.

From Van Epps Pass, you enjoy stunning views of Huckleberry, Goat, and Hawkins Mountain. The summit is a good stopping point because the trail continues only for a short distance before it dead ends.

We then returned to 4W301 to continue […]

Washington ATV Trails Adventure | Walker Valley ORV Video

Located just east of Mount Vernon, Walker Valley is a year round destination for ATV’s, motorcycles, and 4×4’s. The trails range from beginner to very challenging and there’s plenty of riding to keep any ATV enthusiast entertained for several days. The forest service roads and 4×4 trails provide quick access to many of the more remote ATV only trails, allowing you to explore all the area has to offer without having to back track on the same trail.

The elevation ranges between 500 to 3,000 ft. We do recommend that ride with others and take a GPS in addition to the trail maps. The trails are generally marked well, but the roads are not making it difficult to determine exactly where you’re at on the map.

We started our ride on the Muddled Meanderings trail. This is one of a few trails that takes you from the Walker Valley Road, up and into the maze of roads and trails. This trail can get rutted out, so expect a few spots where roots and deep ruts will cause you to choose your line carefully.

You’ll note that there are several trails that connect to the Muddled Meanderings Trail, making this an ideal starting point for your ride. The eastern half of this trail is very steep and should only be ridden by experienced riders.

Luckily, there are several other route options including taking the “Chris Cross” trail over to the Ridge Ram 4×4 trail, turning off early on the “Cavanaugh” trail, or doing what we did, and take the EZ Valley Connector. This is an easy ride on an ATV and very popular for jeeps and other 4X4’s.

At the end of […]

2014 WAATVA Chili Cook Off, Camp , & Ride

A quick note from one of our members…

Another fun weekend was had by all who attended the 2014 WAATVA Chili Cook Off, Camp , & Ride. And those of you who were unable to attend missed out on another great opportunity for some wonderful riding, enjoying the fun, scenic, and interesting trails of Capitol State Forest in the late fall. We only had 2 contestants for the Chili Cook Off. It was voted as a Tie. Both selections were great! And, as usual, we spent lots of time socializing with all who were there from our great group. I had the opportunity to meet another new member of WAATVA this weekend Ralph. I hope he feels as welcome as we did when we first joined WAATVA in 2007. We are hoping to be able to spend more time with all our friends from WAATVA in the next year and, meet more great new members. I can only hope that I am able to always make people feel as welcome as we have when we attend and event, meeting, or work party with WAATVA.

Thank You WAATVA,

Karl Bangerter

We have a great group of active members. If you have been considering getting involved with a group of ATV enthusiast, there’s never been a better time to connect with Washington ATV. Although our 2015 memberships are on sale now, we hope that you’ll join us at 2 work parties to receive a complementary membership. Come back for a 3rd and receive a complementary discovery pass.

We look forward to seeing out on the trails soon.

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Paiute ATV Trail Video | Day 5 of 5

On day 5, we explore the Rocky Ford Canyon and Forshea Mountains.

A special thank you to Wolfsnout for sponsoring this ride. All WolfSnout dusk mask are proudly made in the USA.

Paiute ATV Trail | Day 4 of 5

Join us as we take an epic 5 day ride along the Paiute ATV Trail. On day 4, we cross the Tushar Mountain peaks reaching an elevation over 11,000 feet. With spectacular views of the peaks in the Tushar Mountains, you don’t wanna miss this.

A special thank you to Wolfsnout for sponsoring this ride. All WolfSnout dusk mask are proudly made in the USA.

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Paiute ATV Trail Video | Day 3 of 5

Join us as we take an epic 5 day ride along the Paiute ATV Trail. On day 3, we descend out of the Monroe Mtns on trail 88, and head up into the Tushars. We visit the Deer Creek Ghost Town and the Silver King Mine before making camp along the 01 trail.

A special thank you to UTV Inc. for sponsoring this ride. Visit for all of your SxS parts and accessories.

Paiute ATV Trail Video| Day 2 of 5

We spent our first night in the cabins at the Rose Ranch Resort. This a great place to start your Paiute trail adventure. They’re located in Marysvale, just off highway 89, have cabins for rent, a campground, RV spaces with full hook ups, and they rent ATV’s and side by sides.
This especially came in handy for us because we had mechanical issues with one of our ATV’s. Luckily, we were able to rent an ATV from Nathan at the Rose Ranch Resort, and get out on the trails without it slowing us down. Be sure to check them out on their website,, and when you make your reservation, tell them Washington ATV sent you.

We stopped off for breakfast in Marysvale before hitting the trail, and ran into someone we’ve been watching on TV and YouTube for years, Doug Meyer of ATV Television. Be sure to check out his videos covering the Paiute trail on his site at
After a quick bite, we took the 02 out of Marysvale, and connected a few more roads to arrive at the 50 inch Barney Lake Trail.
Ya see, one of great things about this area is that the towns along the Paiute trail have opened up their roads to ATV’s. This allows you to combine roads and trails to make long day rides, or as we did, a week long camp trip without having to trailer your ATV. Once we left the vehicles at the Rose Ranch Resort on Monday, we didn’t return until Thursday night after several hundred miles of riding.

Heck, Just riding to the Barney Lake trail head was an adventure with amazing views of the canyons below.
The […]

Paiute ATV Trail Video| Day 1 of 5

Now, if you’re not familiar with the Paiute ATV trail, at its heart, it’s a loop that’s just under 300 miles. It traverses the Monroe, Tushar, and Pavant Mountain ranges with elevation changes from 5,000 feet, to just under 12,000 feet.
Located about 2.5 hours south of Salt Lake City in South-Central Utah, The Paiute ATV trail system has over 800 miles of marked side trails, and an estimated 2000 miles of side forest roads and trails that are open to ATV’s. This makes the Paiute ATV trail system the largest in the country.
On our 1st day of riding, we started in the town of Richfield, and rode up and across the Pavant Mountains reaching an elevation well over 10,000 feet.
One of the first things we noticed is how much the temperature can change in just a few miles of riding. Down in Richfield, it was warm and we were thinking short sleeves. But as we quickly gained some elevation, we were grabbing our long sleeves as the temperature dropped.
Our first day of riding was basically a large loop. We took the 04 out of Richfield, connected with the 01 and headed north, and then road toward the town of Fillmore on the 03.
Before reaching Fillmore, we connected a series of trails to reach Chalk Creek.
The Hieroglyphs were found in 1939 by Clifford Purcell and Rube Melville when they were hiking up chalk creek canyon searching for evidence of copper, silver, and iron ore.
While no one knows for sure, there are various theories of the origin ranging from Aztec refugee’s to Mayan waypoints. They are located at the western end of trail 07 and definitely worth checking out.
From […]