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In July 2013, Washington enacted a law requiring license plates on All Terrain Vehicles, House Bill 1632 (HB1632). The bill creates a new class of recreational vehicle (a wheeled all-terrain vehicle / WATV) and provides motorized access to public lands while promoting responsible riding practices. This page should serve as a resource to provide the necessary information regarding WATV’s and will be a work in progress. If you have information to contribute to this page, or see information that needs correcting, please email us, info@waatva.org.

WA State DOL County Map City & County List Turn Signal Kit

WA State DOL Licensing WATV’s

The best and most informative resource regarding the process and what is required to certify your ATV as an ATV is the Washington State DOL Licensing page for WATV’s.

WA State DOL Licensing Wheeled All-Terrain Vehicles
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WATV Counties Map
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If you have your street certification and are looking for places to ride, be sure to check out these cities and counties and support our local economies. Also, if you are aware of a city or county that has passed an ordinance and is not listed on this page, please let us know by sending an email to info@waatva.org.

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If you’re wanting to get your quad certified for road use, you’re gonna need a turn signals, a horn and mirrors among other things. Rocky Mountain ATV offers a kit that contains all of these, the Tusk ATV Horn & Signal Kit. This Kit is designed to be a simple way to provide front and rear turn signals, a horn, and rearview mirror for your ATV. They even offer a kit that includes both tail and brake lights if needed.

The Kit is easy to install, does not require messing with your ATV’s existing wiring, and will work on almost any ATV with minor modifications. They even have an instructional video on how to install the kit on their website. If you have a UTV, they have a horn and signal kit for that as well.

If you’re thinking about getting your ATV certified for the road, we highly recommend you check out the Tusk ATV Horn & Signal Kit found exclusively at Rocky Mountain ATV.

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